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Re: Downgrading Firefox 3.5 and Thunderbird 3.0

On 05/12/2009 12:28 PM, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
On 05/12/2009 03:20 PM, Nathan Grennan wrote:
I understand, but on the other hand does Fedora want a dozen bug reports
over Thunderbird being useless, because of a crappy default?

FWIW, I don't think the Thunderbird in Fedora 11 is useless, far from
it, and I have some freaking HUGE imap folders. In fact, this version is
the first version that has been useful to me, without installing
double-digit numbers of addons.

Then I think you haven't seen this issue for whatever reason. For me it takes Thunderbird from the best e-mail client IMHO to the worst. On the other hand, working around this issue by disabling syncing takes it back to the best. Warren's suggested workaround would probably allow me to turn syncing back on, though even then it doesn't sound as good as just disabling syncing.

I use dovecot-1.1.11-1.11.fc10.x86_64 with imap and ssl. My MailDir directory is 5.3gb. My high scoring spam folder is 3.2gb. My mail servers aren't local. All three are in colos.

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