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Re: Update -> no sound

On 05/13/2009 02:22 AM, Josh Boyer wrote:

> Yes, they are.  I've been asked several questions myself.  Spot maintains
> an ungodly number of packages.  I think they're getting plenty of input.

Fedora Community as a project has no connection to the number of
packages Spot maintains or the input he is getting on those packages. I
have no idea why you bring that up but If the burden is too large, then
I suggest getting co-maintainers.

> Please, enough with the lack of communication.  Not every project needs a big
> massive PR campaign or huge call for participation.  

I didn't claim otherwise.

Particularly in the
> extremely early design phases where most of the degenerates into bike shedding
> and pony wanting.  I'd rather see a somewhat usable tool be announced than
> have to read another 300 emails about what someone's idea of Fedora should be.

I understand your frustration with the amount of noise in this list but
MyFedora was originally announced about a year back. Hardly early stages
and according the Spot is about to be launched soon. If that is that not
the case, let me know.


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