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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

2009/5/13 Adam Williamson <awilliam redhat com>
I don't recommend Fedora to Aunt Flo, I wouldn't install Fedora on
systems owned by my personal Aunt Flo's (come on, everyone has some.
Mine get Mandriva. Or, frankly, Windows. Yours might get Ubuntu. Doesn't
matter.) I think that's fine. We don't need to be everything to
everyone. But as long as we're going to wind up with an update system
which allows anything but minimal fixes to be pushed as official
updates, Fedora isn't going to be for Aunt Flo, and we need to be up
front about that. We need to tell people that, if they want a quiet
life, if they're installing on a non-geek friend's system, if they're
running a server, they should use something more appropriate to their
goals. And any argument on this list (or anywhere else) which relies on
Aunt Flo-type users to support it should be shot down with extreme
prejudice. Basically, if we're not caring about Aunt Flo, we should be
consistent about that. :)

But that is not always the case though - Even Ubuntu with its conservative updates policy has suffered by the addition of new bugs in them, and the users also suffer for existing bugs which are not fixed by bugfix updates.

The "fedora way" may seem more cavalier from the outset and also has a greater chance to introduce instability, however it can also result in a *more stable* distribution over its life time.

(as for bikeshedding being pointless, I remember an individual coming on here and bikeshedding about how the GUI software manager should work. I even ignored the discussion as I thought the concept of it preposterous. Move forward a couple of years and frontend package management (in Fedora atleast - I do not use other distributions but I assume they have not drunk the packagekit coolaide as deeply) has been improved far beyond the capabilities I imagined it would ever go. What is important is to try to get the complainers to scratch their own itch and if the itch affects enough people, it will be sufficiently scratched.)

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