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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

2009/5/12 Michael Nielsen <mike thetroubleshooters dk>:
>> I'm sure there is a place for this kind of debate but it is SURELY not the
>> devel list.
> Where then?
> The problem is logically related to the development path that Linux is
> taking, somewhere someone must have a plan, for where Fedora is going.
> If there isn't a plan for Fedora development, then that is probably the
> reason for the problems that I am concerned about.   As the problems that
> I'm pointing out here, could very well be the effect of chaotic development.

Funny how this chaotic development led to the creation of the Linux
Kernel, the tool chains that surround it and the vast market it has.
Even funnier is how a number of very very large corporations are
heavily invested in Linux, particularly Red Hat's offerings,
derivatives, and Fedora. What's out right hilarious is that these CEOs
are making critical decisions about their companies based on this
chaotic development that has no planned future.

Seriously, it's 2009. Can we put this idea to rest, that software
needs very strong plans in order to succeed.


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