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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

On 2009-05-12, 23:52 GMT, Adam Williamson wrote:
> In this case it's not really an 'itch' to be scratched, it's a
> fundamental question of Fedora's identity, which no one person can
> define or change on his or her own. If I could unilaterally declare
> "Fedora is a project to create a great stable operating system for
> ordinary people!" or "Fedora is a sandbox for the development of cool
> new software by the technologically knowledgeable!", great, I would. But
> I can't. I'm just noticing that there's a fundamental identity crisis
> between those two poles which affects rather a lot of issues in Fedora,
> and we all need to get to grips with it to be able to have a focused and
> coherent response to those issues.

Well, problem I have with declaring Fedora geek-only is that 
I would like to have something to install for my 
parents/wife/geek-impaired friends. And I really don't want to 
install them Ubuntu -- not only because I have my doubts about 
its quality, but also because I would prefer them to feed with 
their input relevant for our stuff, and frankly because I don't 
want to keep in my poor mind both /etc/network/interfaces and 
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/*-cfg ;-).

Currently my options are Fedora (last released just with updates) 
and CentOS. I tend to think more and more about CentOS for such 
cases, but I would really like give them something more recent 
and something which would directly feed into Fedora.

Oh well,


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