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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> But that is not always the case though - Even Ubuntu with its conservative
> updates policy has suffered by the addition of new bugs in them, and the
> users also suffer for existing bugs which are not fixed by bugfix updates.
> The "fedora way" may seem more cavalier from the outset and also has a
> greater chance to introduce instability, however it can also result in a
> *more stable* distribution over its life time.


Kernel bug in Ubuntu => You're stuck with it for the next 6 months.
Oh, and it's not just Ubuntu. At least they release often. In Debian stable,
you're stuck with it for a couple years!

Kernel bug in Fedora => Chances are the next update from the kernel stable
branch a few days later fixes it, or if not, chances are the next rebase to
the next kernel a few weeks later fixes it.

        Kevin Kofler

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