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Re: 2009-05-14 - Fedora Test Day - IBus input method

----- "Matej Cepl" <mcepl redhat com> wrote:
> I haven’t managed to have cs_CZ layout AND Compose key active in 
> the same time.  As you can see from this reply, I like “curly 
> quotes” and similar stuff, but I need Czech keyboard layout as 
> well.

Please file bug and we can look more into it.

> >> b) it worked poorly (not sure how) with Czech layout ... and
> >> I heard it from other people with somewhere in between layouts
> >> ... non-ASCII, but also non-real-IM-needed.

Ditto - Martin says something similar.

> > I think most ibus engines can only work with us-en keyboard layout
> too. 
> > But we have planed to integrate ibus with xkb. But this feature is
> for 
> > f12 or RHEL 6.
> Translated: I shouldn't bother with iBus at all. Is that correct?

I think he means some of the input-methods currently assume a US layout.

Which language are you trying to use ibus (scim) for?


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