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Fedora Community Pre-Beta Testing

Since the previous post was buried in a thread about sound issues (are
all emails on fedora-devel-list about sound issues), and I suspect that
many of you have tuned out on a lot of those awful threads, I wanted to
repost it where it might get seen.

Fedora Community is a project with grand visions, tempered with mostly
sane milestones. Our first milestone is focused on Fedora packagers,
providing them with the information to help them be productive and
minimize the need to jump between the various Fedora web tools (koji,
bodhi, FAS, PKGDB, bugzilla). We've built it on top of Moksha, which you
can read all about here: https://fedorahosted.org/moksha/

The Fedora Community demo instance is running and visible to others. We
have not been
aggressively advertising it up to this point because:

A) It is a test instance, and the performance is non on-par with what it
will be when we go live. We didn't want to spend time wading through the
B) We have been constantly cycling it as we've been fixing blocker bugs.
The last thing we wanted was for anyone to think they could depend on it.
C) Anyone who asked to see it has been pointed to it (several folks have

So, without further ado and the above caveats, look at our pre-beta test


We know lots of stuff is broken, we have a pile of blocker bugs open in
our trac instance. Please don't rely on this test instance for anything.

For more information about Fedora Community, please look at:




P.S. Our second milestone will be codename "Workflows". Got a workflow
that you'd like to see the Fedora Community application handle? Either
email it to me or join the moksha mailing list and suggest it there.

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