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Re: 2009-05-14 - Fedora Test Day - IBus input method

Greetings testers,

A lot of thanks for those who have provide some encountered issues
before test day. We will confirm these issues in test day. Come on, join
#fedora-qa , let's have the exciting experience for ibus on F11 today. A
liveCD will be ready for us, see more from:


Liam 写道:
> Greetings testers,
> IBus input method - Ibus has been rewritten in C, and provides a simple,
> clean default system for changing the way international users input
> information into a Fedora system.
> Most of the work on iBus is being done upstream by Huang Peng. This
> feature proposal covers moving from scim to ibus as the default input
> method framework for Fedora 11
> iBus is designed to improve a number of deficiencies of scim:
> * Ibus has been rewritten in C. Scim written in C++ using STL has
> problems with weak symbol conflicts without the added complexity and
> lower stability of the scim-bridge layer to workaround that.
> * It is possible to write client and engines for ibus in any language
> that supports dbus bindings.
> * ibus loads engines on demand rather than all installed engines as scim
> does, which improves the startup time and memory footprint.
> * scim loads engines as dl-modules so a problem in any engine can take
> down scim, whereas in ibus because the processes are separated only a
> faulty process will die leaving rest of the system working normally.
> * The architecture of ibus is bus-centric and so much closer to the CJK
> OSS Forum Workgroup 3 draft "Specification of IM engine Service Provider
> Interface" architecture, which might be supportable in the future.
> I'd like to invite you to join #fedora-qa this Thursday, May 14, 2009 to
> test Ibus input method.Get more details from:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-05-14_iBus
> Thanks,
> Liam

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