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Re: koji breakage for F12 builds

Christoph Wickert wrote, at 05/14/2009 02:50 AM +9:00:
> Am Donnerstag, den 14.05.2009, 02:26 +0900 schrieb Mamoru Tasaka:
>> Christoph Wickert wrote, at 05/13/2009 08:15 PM +9:00:
>>> I think the problem is, that some packages  notification-deamon instead
>>> of (virtual) desktop-notification-deamon:
>>> # repoquery --repoid rawhide --whatrequires notification-daemon
>>> gnome-bluetooth-0:2.27.5-1.fc11.i586
>>> notify-python-0:0.1.1-6.fc11.i586
>>> notification-daemon-engine-nodoka-0:0.1.0-6.fc11.i586
>>> system-config-printer-0:1.1.7-1.fc11.i586
>>> ibus-0:
>>> I'm going to file bugs against these packages except
>>> notification-daemon-engine-nodoka, because it only works with
>>> notification-daemon.
>>> Regards,
>>> Christoph
>> Well, this won't work for this issue, because:
>> - With yum shorter name will win depsolving game, so "Requires:
>>   desktop-notification-deamon" will always pull "xfce4-notify" in.
> Why that? Seth pointed out that yum will only fall back to shorter name
> when all other criteria fail, and one of them was that both packages
> have exactly the same Provides:

See http://mtasaka.fedorapeople.org/mock-fc12-conflicts/MOCK-ucommon.log
Here how yum tried to resolve dependency is shown.

For this case, as yum goes on to resolve dependency:
- First yum finds that some package requires "desktop-notification-daemon"
  so yum decides to pull in xfce4-notify (as shorter name wins)
  i.e. at this stage yum sees no packages having explicit 
      "Requires: notification-daemon"
- Then yum proceeds, tries to resolve dependency again, then
  yum finds out that one package has "Requires: notification-daemon" explicitly.
  So yum have to add "notification-daemon" at this stage.

i.e. something like race condition.

>> - On the other hand, with your idea yum resolver says libgnome
>>   will install notification-daemon with the following chain:
>>   libgnome -> fedora-gnome-theme -> notification-daemon-engine-nodoka
>>   -> notification-daemon
> Just like Spot in the rel-eng ticket I ask: Why does a lib *require*
> fedora-gnome-theme? Just because it's the default theme
> in /etc/gconf/schemas/desktop_gnome_interface.schemas?

Please ask libgnome maintainer. It may be because of the reason you
mentioned here, or there may be another reason... I think this type
of Requires is fully left to how the maintainer thinks currently.

> Thanks for this explanation, but what am I supposed to do now? All I can
> offer is to remove xfce4-notifyd for now, but this is only a workaround
> and not a solution.
> Regards,
> Christoph

Perhaps providing alternatives mechanism is one of the solutions.


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