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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

Bill Nottingham wrote:
nodata (lsof nodata co uk) said:
If you were interested in writing one I think that would be most welcome and responded to warmly.
Last time I asked, I was told that no such cli interface existed, and
that it was planned. I have no real life experience of using this tool,
nor how it fits into the big picture. I too would welcome an article,
but I'm not the right person to write it.

There is currently cnetworkmanager, written by an OpenSUSE developer.
However, it's python, and therefore may not be suitable for *all*
command-line/console-based usage (specifically, I'd love ifup/ifdown
to be able to kick NM if it's running to DTRT, but I don't intend to
require python to do so). I suspect a C/C++ version will be
written if someone has the time/inclination.

I did start a C version (for a very short time, I gave up after just listing the networks). If anyone is actually interested in pursuing this I may be able to start up again, depending on motivation.


It's about 17 months old, I doubt it works.

Regarding topic, though I agree that a number of his points are invalid, in general things are almost getting automated to the point where they are confusing. For example, for a while ago udev scripts were calling ifconfig down on interfaces, and I had to explain to a friend of mine why this was happening (at the time, I didn't even know it was udev but suspected it). Another time I saw talk of using udev to start initscritps (bluetooth iirc), and though i don't object to this is if is done in some standardized way with a framework set around it, the way it was being hacked out for F11 seemed backwards (usually initscripts load modules) and actually made me cringe.

I actually don't object to "doing the right thing" (desktop control of mounting media, bluetooth, keyboards etc...), but it must be done in a way that doesn't confound a large percentage of long time linux users.


James M. Leddy

Technical Account Manager
Red Hat Inc.

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