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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

On 05/13/2009 02:29 PM, nodata wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 13.05.2009, 13:57 -0700 schrieb Toshio Kuratomi:
nirik (Kevin Fenzi) has just packaged up the cnetwork-manager program.
"c" stands for command line in this case.


Thanks a lot. I didn't know about this, I thought we were meant to use

But I think this demonstrates a point I made, because the command line
tool came last :(

Though, if someone had come by and made a new CLI tool for managing networks a few years ago, would people really decide to switch their CLI tool because of it? Would it have gotten the development and user community behind it to support its development? My guess is probably not, especially given there were several CLI tools that attempted to do the automation back when NM first came out. People are picky about their command line tools. What happened happened, and probably couldn't have happened any other way.

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