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PackageDB-0.4 test instance

A while back I mentioned that there was going to be a new PackageDB that
had some API visible changes.  Most notably that the
PackageDB was going to start returning and taking only usernames and
groupnames instead of the mixture of username/groupname and
userid/groupid.  This version of the packagedb has settled enough that I
have a test instance up in our staging environment.  You can access it here:


There are likely to be many bugs (I've already encountered some bugs in
the treatment of orphaned packages).  Please feel free to report them
directly to me for now.

If you have scripts that access the packagedb, now would be a good time
to start testing whether the scripts work with the new version out of
the box or need porting.  The userid => username switch is likely to be
the biggest change.  Most code that needs porting for this should be
simpler after the porting is done.  There has also been some work to the
authentication code and a few minor changes to the API.  If you think
you are running into problems here and need me to look at how your code
can be ported to work with the new version feel free to contact me via
IRC (abadger1999) or email.

Note on security: This test instance is running in our staging
environment.  The staging environment has a valid SSL certificate and
very closely mirrors what is in the production environment.  The servers
here authenticate against a staging FAS server.  This server is
populated with data from the production environment but is allowed to
diverge.  So if you trust that the staging environment is as secure as
the production environment (Most things are the same but staging is
built to test changes to our environment before they go to production)
you can use your normal fas username/password. If you'd rather not use
your fas password, you can go to:


to reset your password in the staging environment.  Note that some links
on the FAS pages (notably, the "Forgot Password?" and "Sign Up" links
point to the real FAS server instead of the staging account server due
to how our templating currently works.  Be sure when you are making
changes that the URL is for https://admin.stg.fedoraproject.org rather
than https://admin.fedoraproject.org.


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