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Re: Where to post an experimental package? (java-1.7.0-openjdk)

On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 10:42 -0400, Lillian Angel wrote:
> On May 21, Sun plans on releasing a preview of JDK7[1]. We (the OpenJDK 
> team) would like to create a java-1.7.0-openjdk package for experimental 
> and testing purposes. A few options were we create the fedora rpms and 
> submit them to rpmfusion (or similar), host them on a my personal fedora 
> page, or get the package into Fedora.
> I am wondering what some other acceptable options are. I am not keen on 
> getting this package pushed into Fedora since java-1.6.0-openjdk already 
> exists, and jdk7 will not be stable until sometime after Feb 2010[1].
> Suggestions?

How many packages will this consist of, and will there be
interdependencies (IE will you need to use one of these new packages to
build another new package)?

By far the easiest route is to do a scratch build of the package in
question, gather the resulting rpms and put them in a repo on your
fedorapeople page.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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