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Re: Games SIG wishlist update?

Hello All!

2009/5/15 Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay vladimiroff com>:
> Hi, I took some time to look trough the Wishlist of the Games SIG and
> here is what I found:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:SIGs/Games/WishList

Good work!

> I know that it's up to each maintainer to chose weather or not to
> package something but most of these project are not active.
> Is it a good idea for them to stay in the wishlist with eventual
> packaging and eventual bug reports that will never be fixed?

These records in wiki doesn't consume any human/hardware/other
resources, so I think it's safe to leave them here. Maybe sometimes
someone will pick them up and package or even revive them.

O/T you may find it interesting to join our xmpp-conference at
fedora-devel conference jabber ru :)
Добро пожаловать :)

With best regards!

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