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Re: Database SIG?

David Malcolm wrote:
Would anyone else be interested in a database special-interest-group
within Fedora?  I don't see one at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs

I seem to spend much of my time working with SQL these days, and I'm
interested in both client-side tools for mucking about with SQL, and
with server-side implementations, test suites, plus the more esoteric
things like XML and object databases, SPARQL, Tutorial D, etc.

So there'd be some overlap with the Server SIG, but there are plenty of
GUI tools as well (e.g. openoffice-base, schema visualizers, etc).

High-level goal might be to make Fedora the best place to go for someone
trying to learn about SQL and relational databases [1], and other types
of db.

A first step might be to gather a list of interesting open-source
database software, and then to package more of it for Fedora.  I've
tried looking for such a list, but unfortunately the package database
tends to dominate my queries.

Anyone else out there?


[1] and, indeed, the differences between the two, for any followers of
the "Third Manifesto" out there

Way cool!

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