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Re: Sound doesn't work, again!

>  - you spend ~1h almost daily to get sound out of Flash, Skype,
>    Rhythmbox, etc, sound that you just fixed, and it stopped
>    working out of the blue. Almost daily!

Does it break after an update ? If so, it could be that you modified a
config file that is not marked « noreplace » in the spec file, and so
your modifications are overwritten.

Either the place you made the modifications are not the good place, or
the package should be fixed as this should indeed be a « noreplace »
file, or maybe you should send your modifications to those files in a
bug report so that they are integrated in the source...

This is the case fot the file « /lib/alsa/init/hda » for example. I
modified it based on some instructions from Lennart and Adam so that
my sound wouldn't be too faint at startup. But at the first update,
this file got replaced (which seems to be normal), but I had sent my
modifications to the devs so that they could integrate them (and in
fact, it wasn't necessary any more after an other bug was fixed :).

Also, if it breaks only after a reboot (i.e. with no updates), then
forget about what I said :)


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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