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Re: easycap video adapter

Dne Sun, 17 May 2009 16:52:05 +0100
Adel ESSAFI <adel safi imag fr> napsal(a):

> Hi
> I have downloaded the stk driver and when trying to install the
> driver  I get this error.
> Can you help please.
> Regards
> Adel
> [adel localhost stk11xx-2.1.0]$ make -f Makefile.standalone cleandoc
> Removing documentation generated by Doxygen...
> [adel localhost stk11xx-2.1.0]$ make -f Makefile.standalone
> make -C /lib/modules/
> SUBDIRS=/home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0 modules
> make[1]: Entering directory
> `/usr/src/kernels/' CC
> [M]  /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-usb.o CC
> [M]  /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.o /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:
> In function ‘v4l_stk11xx_ioctl’:
> /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:1662: warning: passing
> argument 1 of ‘video_usercopy’ from incompatible pointer type
> /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:1662: warning: passing
> argument 2 of ‘video_usercopy’ makes pointer from integer without a
> cast /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:1662: warning:
> passing argument 4 of ‘video_usercopy’ makes integer from pointer
> without a cast /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:1662:
> error: too few arguments to function ‘video_usercopy’
> /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c: In function
> ‘v4l_stk11xx_register_video_device’:
> /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c:1686: warning:
> assignment from incompatible pointer type
> /home/adel/Desktop/stk11xx-2.1.0/stk11xx-v4l.c: At top level:

The error indicates the driver you downloaded is for an older kernel
version. There was an in-kernel API change and the driver needs to be

Solving this is off-topic for fedora-devel list.


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