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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On Mo Mai 18 2009, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> In FESCo's 2009-03-28 meeting a policy on Flag usage for packages in
> Fedora was approved.
> Due to an oversight, this policy was not announced here. ;(

Why is this a policy and not some packaging guideline. It clearly contains 
packaging instructions:

| flag images must be placed in an -flags subpackage. The -flags subpackage
| cannot be Required by the main package.

Also this is something that should probably be checked at review time, which 
also makes it better suited in the review guidelines.

Additionally the visibility of this page is pretty low, it is not linked from 
any other page. There is only a redirection from probably Tom Callaways 
proposal page:

And I agree that the title of the page is badly chosen, because it is not 
about flags regarding package maintainers. I also assumed some boolean flag, 
e.g. like the CVS request flag in bugzilla.


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