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Re: Ongoing mass rebuild on s390x

Am 19.05.2009 12:38, schrieb Jonathan Underwood:
2009/5/16  <karsten redhat com>:

Just in case you're wondering about the koji mails of your packages being rebuilt:

I'm currently looping over all F-11 packages and rebuilding them on s390x, which
is a secondary arch. If you have some free time and one of your packages failed
to build, please check the logs and try to figure out what went wrong. If it's
just a dependency problem, ignore it for now. If it is a real issue, I'd
appreciate it if you could take a look at it as you as the package maintainer
could most likely fix it faster than I can.

emacs-vm and emacs-bbdb failed to build due to a chicken-and-egg
bootstrap requirement.

To fix it:
1) Build emacs-vm without bbdb support
2) Build emacs-bbdb
3) Rebuild emacs-vm with bbdb support

So, question: How to request retagging of packages for a secondary
arch? In the above I need to have the build from 1 in the buildroot
for 2, and the build from 2 in the build root for 3



That was exactly the kind of hints I was looking for. I could have tried
building emacs-bbdb without emacs-vm or the other way around.

There was no re-tagging required, just build emacs-vm without bbdb support
with a lower release number, then build emacs-bbdb, then the F-11 emacs-vm.


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