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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On 05/19/2009 12:39 PM, David Woodhouse wrote:
I don't much like the reasons that we have to do it -- but I do agree
that it's best just to stay out of the political debate by not shipping
_any_ flags.

Will you also stay out of the profanity debate and blacklist all packages contains any textual occurrence of a profane word ? Or ship them in a separate "-adult" subpackage ? This is completely ridiculous, and the fact you are a member of FeSCO is plain scary. This can only be excused by lack of time and/or interest to think about a better solution.

Worst of all, this "policy" is forced on us, without any sort of valid legal reason for it, or even chance for discussion on the mailing list. This is just plain terrible, and an embarassement for Fedora as a whole. Frankly this gives me doubt about even being involved with this...

What is Paul Frields take on this ?


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