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Re: In which country should Fedora be legal?

Patrice Dumas (pertusus free fr) said: 
> I think that the flag policy is the wrong way to look at a real issue. 
> First, it tries to solve 2 issues
> 1. being legal in some countries
> 2. avoid pissing people
> I think that the second issue should be brought upstream and not solved
> at the Fedora level.

Too late. We already remove content from various packages where necessary,
as stated earlier in the thread.

> As for the first, I think that it should be looked more broadly than
> on the flags issue. I think that instead of focussing on one issue that
> can be deemed illegal in some countries, the focus should be on countries
> that fedora should be legal in. Then there should be a legal counselling
> (like whath legal does for the US) such that all the relevant laws are
> taken care of.

If you're seriously suggesting we set up legal counsel in all countries
before taking any action, that's not going to happen. Honestly, that
sounds like intentionally setting the bar ridiculously high just for
the purpopse of making sure no one could possibly do anything you might
disagree with.

> As a side note, it is not neutral at all to remove all the flags from 
> fedora, it favors countries where flags can be illegal.

Given that I'm fairly sure there are zero countries on the planet
where flags *cannot* be made illegal by some act of the populace
or government, that's a specious argument.


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