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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On Di Mai 19 2009, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Ewan Mac Mahon (ewan macmahon me uk) said:
> > This sort of decision is always going to be a balance; on the one hand
> > there are clearly real costs to Fedora in having a blanket ban on flags,
> > and on the other we have (according to spot[1]) "no specific legal issue
> > at this time".
> They specifically stated that it may/will prevent Fedora from being
> available or acceptable in some countries. That's not insignificant.

If there really are that much of people who will contribute to Fedora if they 
can remove flags they dislike from Fedora, why don't they do the work required 
for this, i.e. writing patches, adding support for this to rpm and yum, ...? 
But I also doubt that people who would not use Fedora because some included 
software uses a flag they hate are people one can work in a FOSS-oriented or 
cooperative way with. So maybe this is also the reason for this.


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