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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On 05/20/2009 06:57 AM, Bill Nottingham wrote:

(As to the question whether it's enough for there;
given the preexisting example of something like Red Hat Linux in that
locale that had a 'no flags' policy, by first glance it is enough.)

Part of the problem here is that the current policy is not a "no flags" policy. Flags are allowed into the distribution and they're allowed into the distribution in packages unmarked as containing flags. From the comments given in the first FESCo ticket, it appears that the ability to make exceptions like that was a part of the reason that some FESCo members voted for the policy.

In the original ticket comments, I asked that more information about what problems were trying to be solved be put into the policy but that wasn't done. There's no mention in the policy about the goal of not shipping flags. Without an understanding of the goal, there's no way to see that the current policy makes more work for packagers without actually letting us ship to flag banning countries.


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