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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On Wed, 20 May 2009 10:05:38 -0400
Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:

> Kevin Kofler (kevin kofler chello at) said: 
> > Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > > (really, this will affect only a small number of packagers,
> > > anyway.)
> > 
> > I think you (and others) are significantly underestimating the
> > number of affected packages. The previous unwritten policy (from
> > RHL times) not to ship any flags wasn't enforced for
> > community-maintained packages, several packages include flags and
> > some (e.g. freeciv) need them for proper operation.
> All you've mentioned are the same packages I already know about:
> - kdebase (or some similar package in KDE)
> - gcompris
> - freeciv
- xfce4-xkb-plugin

is another one. 
> If there's really a lot of packages, I'd like actual data as to what
> they are; vague descriptions of 'several' doesn't really help frame
> the discussion of the amount of work.

Totally agreed. 

> Bill


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