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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> I think the number of packages is pretty limited here. I know of about
> 5 so far.

I know of 4 more (which I don't think are the sames you're thinking of –
well, 2 of the 4 are subpackages of the same SRPM, but separate versions of
the flags), plus the icons for preferences-desktop-locale in pretty much
all icon themes (I'm going to write a separate mail on that issue where it
fits better in the thread).

> The policy "came from" legal concerns. Thus I think it's a a good idea
> to address it before we have to scramble to do so.

I think we shouldn't unless there's an actual legal issue where Fedora is
based (which happens to be the USA).

> I note that the majority of the current fesco has served many times
> before, so I don't think this is any radical change of elected members. 

That's an issue of lack of alternatives more than anything else. It also was
not really clear in past elections what stand the candidates are taking on
individual issues (hopefully the interview process being tried this time
will help), and it's especially hard to predict what decisions they'll make
on new issues which come up. I'm sorry to say this to you (and it's not
against you personally), but most of us really don't know whom we can

        Kevin Kofler

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