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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

I wrote:
> That's an issue of lack of alternatives more than anything else. It also
> was not really clear in past elections what stand the candidates are
> taking on individual issues (hopefully the interview process being tried
> this time will help), and it's especially hard to predict what decisions
> they'll make on new issues which come up. I'm sorry to say this to you
> (and it's not against you personally), but most of us really don't know
> whom we can trust.

PS: Oh, and "If you don't know whom to trust, run for office yourself!"
isn't really a satisfying answer. While there should indeed be some people
unhappy with the current FESCo running for office to provide a real
alternative, if everybody runs and only trusts themselves, we end up with
everyone having exactly 1 vote (or rather n "votes" where n is the maximum
rating in the range voting system being used), that won't work at all.

Another issue is that there are many people whom I totally agreed with on
some issues but totally disagreed with on some others in the past.

I really don't know what the best solution for those issues would be. Better
communication of platforms, goals etc.? Forming factions/parties so we
could vote e.g. for KDE SIG? Direct democracy as practiced in Debian? (But
I'm not sure any of those really works, Debian's votes have often been
total chaos, parties probably don't work for such small committees where
there would be just 1 or 2 members of each party, most likely voting for
their own position rather than the official party line more often than not,
better communication probably doesn't solve the whole problem.)

        Kevin Kofler

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