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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

I wrote:
> The only reasonable definition of "generic" I can see is "this flag is not
> used to represent a country", e.g. a set of flags being used as an icon
> for "localization".

More on localization icons: I looked at the icon for
preferences-desktop-locale in several of our icon themes:
* gnome -> UN flag
* Mist -> inherited from gnome (UN flag)
* Fedora (GNOME) -> inherited from Mist (UN flag)
* oxygen -> UN flag
* crystalsvg -> US and German flags (uses KDE 3 icon naming, just "locale")
* Fedora-KDE -> inherits oxygen (UN flag), crystalsvg (KDE 3 name, 2 flags)
* Bluecurve -> US, Italian and Czech flags

Not a single of those icon themes is compliant with our policy (which says
the UN flag is to be treated like country flags)! Neither our default
themes in the 2 primary desktops are (including GNOME which supposedly has
a "no flags" policy, apparently that doesn't cover the UN flag unlike ours;
GNOME's UN flag is low-res only, so it ends up a bit stilized, but it's
recognizable as a UN flag), nor the theme coming to us from RHL which
supposedly didn't allow flags (and that one's not even a UN flag, but 3
country flags).

        Kevin Kofler

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