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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On 05/20/2009 03:57 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
There are places where the use of certain flags is verboten; in this case,
the use&  distribution of Fedora would be verboten if it prominently
used them.

Right, we all know that, although it is not a problem *today* (as in, it's blocking F-11). But I don't see how this is related to Spot's proposal.

Promoting Fedora in China is a worthy goal of course. Now if we decide to tackle that challenge today, for whatever reason, and we lock up our brightest minds in a room and ask them to come out with a plan for that specific purpose, do you think they'll come out with a policy about isolating flags in subpackages ? No, they'll most likely come up with some grand master plan about creating a community of Chinese Fedora enthusiasts, creating their own SIG and PRC Fedora spin (I don't necessarily mean official SIG or spins), which most likely will black-list some packages, alter the default install, i18n params and comps files, and possibly, on a case-by-case basis, ask some packagers to split some packages in part to make their work possible. That's the way to go, and Fedora keeps a completely neutral stance in this. Any international community can do the same, for whatever political agenda they may have. That's the beauty of FOSS.

Or maybe their plan will be to create an "International" Fedora spin (or call it "Export", or "Flagless", or ...), which is a flavour of Fedora minus lots of content considered offending or illegal in a bunch of countries. Now of course, you need volunteers to work that spin. Such that, if someone complains about some offending flag, you can answer "Why, thank you for raising this issue! We are precisely looking for volunteers to help us create your own special flavour of Fedora!".

Now, back to Spot's proposal. It does not address any sort of focused and pragmatic problem we have today. Want Fedora to be <country X>-friendly ? Great, but first start by designing grand master plan above. Moving US, French and German flags into a bunch of secret subpackages doesn't buy you anything.

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