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Re: Abrt - should this be a feature?

----- "Zdenek Prikryl" <zprikryl redhat com> wrote:

> Colin Walters wrote:
> > On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 6:57 AM, Jiri Moskovcak
> <jmoskovc redhat com> wrote:
> >> Because if the crash is handled by bb abrt won't detect it at all.
> It's the
> >> same for applications which have their own crash handlers (like
> pidgin).
> > 
> > We can disable bug-buddy very easily (trivially) if ABRT is ready
> (is
> > it?).  An important concern is having a story to tell the GNOME
> > project for how we're going to be providing them with bug data.  If
> > ABRT's server side component had say a filtered list of crashes in
> > GNOME projects, or some automated way for developers to get at that
> > data that'd be useful.
> > 
> ABRT can catch all bugs, which bb can. It is ready in this point of
> view. But
> right now there is no way how to filter out gnome or kde stuff and
> report it to
> their bz. if ABRT detect a problem and an user wants to report it, the
> report
> can go either to our bz or it is just logged or whatever (it depends
> on
> configuration).

KDE have brand new Dr. Konqui - in term of features it's quite similar to
what ABRT offers but it's KDE only. Still I think it's better to use it
for KDE crashes. It's part of 4.3 (in rawhide) - so F12 stuff.

But try it - there are still some bugs. Some nice features are starring
usefulness of bug (eg. no backtraces), duplicates etc. with nice easy 
to use GUI for users.

For sysconfigs we have SCTCPBRT now, it's more BRT than your BRT :-)
Actually it could be part of your BRT if you're interested, it's our
internal tool to report sysconfigs bugs.


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