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Re: Abrt - should this be a feature?

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 8:47 AM, Zdenek Prikryl <zprikryl redhat com> wrote:
> ABRT can catch all bugs, which bb can. It is ready in this point of view. But
> right now there is no way how to filter out gnome or kde stuff and report it to
> their bz. if ABRT detect a problem and an user wants to report it, the report
> can go either to our bz or it is just logged or whatever (it depends on
> configuration).

That sounds fine, the filtering/export is something we can add later.

I forgot to mention the most important thing, which is that right now
bug-buddy is limited in usefulness to the GNOME project because of the
-debuginfo split; concretely because stack traces in bugzilla are
essentially just lots of "??".  To pick a random one,

I'm reading the architecture page now, but I'm not seeing how ABRT
works in this respect.  Does ABRT have a "retracer" server component
like Apport/Breakpad, or does it somehow ensure -debuginfo gets
installed on the client?  Or does it rely on a modified gdb to
just-in-time fetch the data from an ABRT web service?  Something else?

Basically, if ABRT solves this problem we should just replace
bug-buddy without hesitation.  Should we consider this in an F11
update, or move to F12?

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