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Re: [RFC] Increase default ulimit nofile

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 01:49 -0400, Jon Masters wrote:
> I like podcasts. A lot. I also like rhythmbox (mostly). I've been
> wondering recently why I would occasionally not be able to download
> podcasts in rhythmbox. It seemed to be related to when I was connected
> to a particular VPN and so I had dismissed it as being network DNSness
> weirdness. But then it started happening much more often. Tonight, I
> decided it was probably more than occasional network weirdness.
> So I decided "I'll just fire up gdb on rhythmbox". Many debuginfo
> packages, cscopes, hacked up source, etc. later on, I discover the
> "problem" is in abstraction layer number 2 - totem-pl-parser. So I
> download the source to this package also, rebuild and hack it up. I
> eventually discovered that various GError objects were happily telling
> me that the maximum number of open files had been exceeded, but totem
> never exposes this to rhythmbox, and the latter just has no idea what
> the heck is causing it to fail. Some serious fail happening there.

Can I have my bugzilla?

(and some proof that totem-pl-parser is leaking descriptors...).


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