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Re: Remaining debuginfo packages without sources (ocaml, haskell, erlang, etc)

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> The remaining set of packages with unknown status that have debuginfo
> packages without sources are somewhat unusual ones.
> Others: GtkAda, elice, lostlabyrinth, mono-debugger

I bet GTKada has the same problem as I ran into. I'm working on some Ada 
packages that I hope to submit for review soon. I disabled the debuginfo 
packages because they contained no sources and the .debug files referenced 
the sources in my RPM build directory. The .debug files worked fine with GDB 
but only as long as the RPM build directory was still present. None of the 
causes listed in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Debuginfo applied.

I read /usr/lib/rpm/find-debuginfo.sh and found that it 
expects /usr/lib/rpm/debugedit to write a list of source files to a temporary 
file called debugsources.list. That file was empty. I haven't debugged past 
that point so I don't know whether the problem is in Debugedit or GNAT, but I 
get the impression that GNAT (package gcc-gnat) writes the filenames in a 
format that GDB understands but Debugedit doesn't.

Björn Persson

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