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Re: I must be doing something seriously wrong...

Adam Williamson wrote:
> The Chinese government body providing that number uses a rather lax
> standard:
> "CNNIC defines a user as anyone who uses the Internet at least once per
> month for any function."
> That does not require that the person has consistent access to the
> internet connection (which is close to a necessity for using Fedora). It
> also doesn't require that the internet connection be attached to a
> personal computer; any cellphone with a data connection satisfies that
> definition.
> I would suspect a large amount of the 228m are made up of people who own
> cellphones (but not, necessarily, personal computers - in Africa, for
> instance, many people own cellphones who could never afford a computer
> or a regular internet connection, I would not be surprised if this were
> the same in some areas of China), or people with access to shared
> facilities (universities or internet cafes).

In addition, even for those who do have a personal Internet connection
attached to a computer, nothing is said about speed. A slow dial-up
connection is not of much use for Fedora with its many huge updates.

>> Let's not underestimate this market, shall we?
> Pet peeve: it's not a market, for us. We're not trying to sell them
> anything, after all. To RHEL, it's a market. To Fedora, it's a potential
> user / contributor base. As you were :)

Right. We should not think like a business, as we aren't a business, and the
company we're all thinking of doesn't make any money out of us.

        Kevin Kofler

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