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Re: I must be doing something seriously wrong...

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> You could say that about many countries. In any case, even if 1/10 of one
> percent of those people are viable users... that still dwarfs the affected
> packager base by many orders of magnitude.

But not the affected user base if you remove useful apps like geography
learning apps because they show Taiwan as a country complete with flag.
(And yes, at least one such app exists.)

> Given that related operating systems with *ONLY* these changes are
> allowed, it's a fair assumption to make.

But what about the many distros which do not do these changes? Kubuntu ships
the Taiwanese flag, see:

Yet they even have a .org.cn site: http://www.kubuntu.org.cn/ which appears
to be hosted inside mainland China.

> Proliferation of spins and maintenance for specific geographies is
> a waste of space and effort, if it can be avoided. That's why we
> have languages included on the Desktop spin, instead of 15 different
> localized ones.

That's how it works for GNOME, but KDE *needs* localized spins anyway as
there's no way to fit all the huge kde-l10n-* packages on a CD. The KDE
spin does *NOT* include any translations.

        Kevin Kofler

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