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Orphaning python-cjson

Hey all,

I'm orphaning python-cjson as I don't use it for anything. This is a python module that has a few simple functions for reading and writing json serialized data. In python-2.6 and above, python has a stdlibrary module for doing that based on python-simplejson. In python before python-2.6, this is one of several competing modules for working with json.

sugar-datastore looks like it's the only package in Fedora that uses it.

If you have a program that depends on python-cjson but you'd rather port to python-simplejson/the python module in python-2.6's stdlibrary it's usually fairly easy to switch. cjson has two methods, one for serializing an object into a string and one for parsing the string into an object. The equivalents in simplejson are:

cjson         simplejson
decode()      loads()
encode()      dumps()


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