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Re: I must be doing something seriously wrong...

On Fri, 22 May 2009, Bill Nottingham wrote:

Fedora is already allowed to be used freely. If your country does not
allow you to use free software, that's a problem out of scope of Fedora.

Given what Fedora does with respect to software patents in otherwise
free software, I think you're wrong here. We *do* make that choice
and related modifications all the time.

That was based on the laws in Fedora's country, the US.

The benefits takes away my freedoms of referencing a country my flag and
image that my own country recognises.

I am not removing any choice from *you*. You are free to reference
it as you see fit.

But your crippling my tools.


Today flags. tomorrow geography? Next week a language? Next year a culture?

1) The first is a picture of an island, it has no official designation

In that sense, a flag is just "a mixture of colours", it has no official designation.

Only the zealots deal in absolutes.

Funny how you did not comment to the part on DNSSEC keys of the Taiwan situation,
the one that actualy refers to me as a maintainer of dnssec-conf, and which
could be a real life scenario that goes beyond pictures of flags.


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