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Re: List of packages including country flags

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> The patch removing the flags from [kdebase-runtime] should be sent
> upstream too… 

It's not a patch, it's putting the flags into a subpackage (or before,
running rm) so they are just not there. It's completely the wrong fix,
entirely not upstreamable. It removes the common copy of flags which means
they're also missing where they make more sense, e.g. for the locale
selection (which is per country). Not to mention that I'm not convinced
there's a problem to be fixed there at all.

> countries and languages/keymaps are not a bijection.

It's close enough. Many users expect country flags to be used in this place,
just use a search engine to find the many complaints in forums, bugzilla
etc. about those flags being missing in Fedora. (Also note that keymaps !=
languages, they're actually closer to being per country than per language.)

And using flags there is already optional! We can easily tweak kde-settings
so the default is to show only the 2-letter code for the layout by default.
That doesn't require removing the flags altogether (which is highly
confusing for the user because checking the box to show them has no effect,
and it also means the flags are missing in other places).

So no, removing the flags entirely is not upstreamable, and will also be
rejected by upstream (they explicitly decided not to ban flags from KDE).
At most, changing the default for the keyboard layout chooser from showing
the flag (in addition to the name) to just showing the name may be
upstreamable, but even there you have to expect some resistance. No matter
how technically inaccurate they may be, users are asking for the flags in
the keyboard chooser!

        Kevin Kofler

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