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Re: Multilib/multiarch debuginfo

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 11:19 -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> >  A few of the yum-utils commands take a --archlist, repoquery and
> > yumdownloader both do for instance. This is more for looking at data on
> > ppc from an i386 box, as i386 is already in the archlist for x86_64.
>   ^^^
> You meant x86_64 here, I think.  I noticed that switch and noticed that it
> didn't help for this case.

 No, I meant ppc. Normally yum would see ppc packages, when on an x86_64
machine and "know" that it can't use them ... so will auto exclude them.
--archlist changes that.

> >  And that doesn't change what $basearch will be in the config. files
> > because doing that is a really bad idea due to the fact that you'll have
> > changed what /var/cache/yum/blah/ points to without the next run of yum
> > knowing (it's a bad idea to have the same repoid point to more than one
> > place).
> Right, I figured that would be the gotcha with what I had in mind.
> Maybe it would make sense for yum to name its cache subdirs repo.basearch?
> >  So what you probably want is to create a blah-i386 to go with your
> > normal blah repo. ... which hardcodes i386 as the arch. Leave it
> > disabled, and then whever you want to use it do:
> It seems like a simple enough change to use basearch in the cache dir
> names.  Then everyone could do this for all the repos without fiddling with
> repo configs.  Does that seem like something yum could do in the future?
> (I'm not asking for any of this to be done next week or anything.)
> Maybe also --repoid et al could grok "reponame.arch" syntax (akin to the
> package "name.arch" syntax you can use).  Another way to state it is that
> the full "repoid" would be "reponame.arch", and "reponame" alone turns into
> "reponame.$basearch" implicitly.

 We've recently changed upstream yum so that the base cachedir can
contain variables. Ie. instead of:

cachedir = /var/cache/yum

...you can do:

cachedir = /var/cache/yum/$basearch/$releasever

...this solves a couple of problems over using the repo.arch syntax.
Having a command line option to change arch/releasever is another
challenge, for a couple of reasons.
 Although x86_64 => i386 there is an easy way, as you can (after the
above change) do:

setarch i386 yum blah

...and it'll have it's own cachedir.

James Antill <james fedoraproject org>

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