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Re: List of packages including country flags

On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 12:46 AM, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
>> countries and languages/keymaps are not a bijection.
> It's close enough. Many users expect country flags to be used in this place,
> just use a search engine to find the many complaints in forums, bugzilla
> etc. about those flags being missing in Fedora. (Also note that keymaps !=
> languages, they're actually closer to being per country than per language.)

They aren't really per-country either. To be most accurate I would say are
per-language with occasional national variants.

There are quite a few cases where the implication that a language belongs to a
particular country (or a country has a particular 'right' language) is highly
offensive. It's simply not right, and it's highly insensitive to the social
realities in some parts of the world.

It smacks of the sort of multi-cultural ignorance that Americans are
widely credited with…

> So no, removing the flags entirely is not upstreamable, and will also be
> rejected by upstream (they explicitly decided not to ban flags from KDE).

Have a citation for that?  Specifically for a refusal to stop
conflating keymaps and languages with national flags?

(An complete cessation of flag use is a more general issue, and I
wouldn't be surprised to see KDE refuse to stop using flags to
identify countries… laws and politics be-damned)

[And yes, I follow now that this change itself isn't upstreamable; but
there is nothing wrong with getting upstream to fix that part that is
actually broken even if fedora has a need to go further]

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