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Re: PolicyKit changes in F12

Jaroslav Reznik wrote:

> On Jueves 14 Mayo 2009 03:00:46 Matthias Clasen escribió:
>> Just a heads-up:
>> We hope to land a new PolicyKit version (which will turn into 1.0,
>> eventually) in F12 soon. The new version simplifies the API and will
>> require PolicyKit-using application to be ported. For more information,
>> have a look at the feature page:
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PolicyKitOne
>> It also has pointers to api docs and a (terse) porting guide. We already
>> have a collection of patches for quite a few PolicyKit-using apps, so
>> the transitions should be relatively painless.

> could you be more specific in porting guide with some more real world
> examples etc. Patches are OK for quick overview what should be done but
> it's not a good source if you don't know code for those apps.

Seems frustrations are mounting:
"On policykit and standards"

-- Rex

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