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Re: unowned files and directories

7:46pm Thorsten Leemhuis said:
I now and then check which files on my systems are not owned by any RPM
package. That often turns up a lot's of old and obsolete stuff that
sometimes eats space I'd like to free. During those checks I often find
lots of files and directories that obviously should be owned by some
packages but aren't.

Same here--compulsively--as part of a forhead-smackingly simple backup routine.

But I'm a bit unsure what to do with the results. Filing bugs likely
would be huge amount of work as well as and never-ending task for a
small gain.

Options? Just ignore? Or will the automatic test scripts QA iirc plans
to set up check for things like that in the future?

We should start with /usr and pare that down first before /etc and /var grunge. However, some bugs about /usr grunge have languished awaiting upstream intervention. I.e. http://bugzilla.redhat.com/136013


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