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Re: PolicyKit changes in F12

Oh, and I should add:

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> It took me a couple of evenings to write patches for the majority of
> polkit users in gnome, so I assume it should be possible to do the same
> for KDE. It is probably even easier, since you have those fabulous
> abstraction layers on top of all the 'shared' technologies...

The only layer between PolicyKit and KDE at the moment is polkit-qt.

Moreover, the affected software portions to port in KDE land are not simple
applications like the ones you ported. They are:
- polkit-qt: the binding, which needs changes for ALL the API changes, not
just the ones affecting a particular application (which is also why Dario
is asking for a complete list of API changes, which sadly doesn't seem to
exist... rewriting everything without writing down what is being changed
and then reconstructing the changes from notes taken when porting
applications is a really bad way to document API changes), and changes to
polkit-qt's own API may also be needed (and if so, need to be decided
upstream, we can't just do random API changes locally in Fedora),
- PolicyKit-kde: this has 2 parts: i. the authentication agent, which needs
to be basically rewritten (because the way authentication is handled has
changed) and ii. the polkit-kde-authorization tool which needs significant
changes or a rewrite.
The application layer may need porting too if polkit-qt needs API changes,
but getting polkit-qt and PolicyKit-kde ported is the big effort (and a
working PolicyKit-kde is important for things like PackageKit).

        Kevin Kofler

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