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Re: List of packages including country flags

On 05/23/2009 09:41 AM, Björn Persson wrote:
Johan Cwiklinski wrote:
gcompris is an educationnal software, for 2 years old and more children.

Flags usage to select language is not exactly part of the educational
side the soft, but it's also part of it (think that a two years old
child may "prefer" choosing his language according to the flag, not to
the text).

I think a two-year-old is more likely to click through the list to look at the
pretty pictures until bored, and then all the texts in the program are in
some random illegible language.

A two year old (through kindergartener or first grader) is certainly capable of choosing a symbol that they've been taught to use from a table of other symbols. The real question is whether there's a time in a child's development when they can pick out an image that gets them into a program but can't pick out a two letter abbreviation to do the same.

BTW, gcompris, has audio in various languages for children to learn from. So it's not just text that's being translated by the language selection.


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