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Re: List of packages including country flags

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> A two year old (through kindergartener or first grader) is certainly
> capable of choosing a symbol that they've been taught to use from a
> table of other symbols.  The real question is whether there's a time in
> a child's development when they can pick out an image that gets them
> into a program but can't pick out a two letter abbreviation to do the same.

It's not really about getting into the program but rather configuring the 
program. Gcompris uses the locale from the environment by default, like all 
well-behaved programs do, but you can go to the configuration screen and 
choose another locale if you want to. Then you need to exit Gcompris and 
start it again before the change takes effect on the whole program, so I 
doubt that the intention is that children should choose their locale every 
time they start Gcompris.

I haven't quite figured out why the developers felt a need to have a separate 
locale setting just for Gcompris, but in those cases where it's needed I 
think a parent or teacher will configure the program and then tell the 
children not to touch the settings.

> BTW, gcompris, has audio in various languages for children to learn
> from.  So it's not just text that's being translated by the language
> selection.

In that case I would suggest a recorded voice that says "Should I speak 
English?" and the equivalent in each language – if the intention really is 
that children who can't read should be able to choose their language.

Björn Persson

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