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Re: List of packages including country flags

Ding-Yi Chen wrote:
> Unless there is a plan to complete the flags/icons for 83-78=5 layouts,
> it does not look consistent, does it?

Those 5 layouts do not match a country, so it makes sense not to show any
flags for them. This is neither a real issue, nor an argument for removing
the remaining 78 flags.

> It might be too late for xkb, but KDE/GNOME key layout selector on the
> other hand, can provide alternative UI to achieve the same effect.
> It is good that KDE can customize the layout label.However
> as a input method developer, I am more willing to see the key layouts
> which are categorized by ... layout themselves. Such as
> QWERTY-- Default
>       +-ja_JP
>       +-ko_KR,
>       +-de_CH
>       +-fr_CH
>       +-it_CH
>       +-en_UK
>       +...
>       +-de_CH
>       +-de_CH SunDeadKey
>       +-de_CH NOSunDeadKey
>       +-de_CH Mac
>       +-fr_CH
>       +-it_CH
>       +...
>       +-fr_BE
> ....
> The benefits of this category systems are:
> 1. Input method developers only need to deal with the keys that matter
> (i.e. 0-9 and a-z) instead of go through the whole country list.
> 2. End users need fewer scroll for the first level category.
> 3. Reduce the redundancy: Many countries use essentially the standard
> QWERTY layout, no need to show all of them.
> 4. Flags can be assigned to the second level, either from the listing
> locale string or the regional setting. So Aussies, Kiwi, Singaporean can
> use their own flags (instead of American flags), everybody is happy. :-)

Please propose these UI improvements to KDE upstream. They have nothing to
do with Fedora's policy on flags in any case. (You write yourself that
flags would still be useful, or even more useful, under that scheme.)

        Kevin Kofler

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