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Re: Agenda for the 2009-05-26 Packaging Committee meeting

On 05/25/2009 09:20 PM, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
The Packaging Committee will meet Tuesday, 2009-05-26 at 17:00UTC in
the #fedora-meeting channel on chat.freenode.net.

FPC works from the agenda at
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/GuidelinesTodo; there's just
one item currently on the agenda:

Phase out Buildroot -

Unfortunately, a question of how safe this was with older rpms was raised and Panu hasn't gotten back to us yet. There's not much sense discussing this unless some rpm maintainer can take a look at the short thread here:


Panu also asked for a clarification of the %define vs %global guideline. I wrote something up here but need more input from him or another rpm maintainer.


Final note, I won't be present tomorrow but if anything comes up on the open discussion and needs another vote for quorum, I can vote via email.


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