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Re: unowned files and directories

On Sat, 23 May 2009 19:46:42 +0200, Thorsten wrote:

> But I'm a bit unsure what to do with the results. Filing bugs likely
> would be huge amount of work as well as and never-ending task for a
> small gain.


Example usage:
  ./dircheck-remote.py -r rawhide -n ^vtk
  ./dircheck-remote.py -r rawhide

> Options? Just ignore? Or will the automatic test scripts QA iirc plans
> to set up check for things like that in the future?

Different strategy. Also to raise awareness of the problem. Focus on those
unowned directories

 - which bear a risk of breaking tarball compilation
   (e.g. old unowned empty versioned API directories which confuse
    tarball configure scripts, not limited to %_includedir),

 - which look like files might be misplaced
   (e.g. unowned directories in suspicious paths),

 - which look like missing subpackage dependencies
   (e.g. "yum install foo-something" doesn't lead to working software
    since "foo" is not installed automatically)

 - which pile up usability crap, such as empty versioned %docdirs. [1]

[1] The latter is annoying. It breaks tab completion in /usr/share/doc
(but also makes it harder to browse documentation with graphical file
managers). Additionally, some packagers tend to use %doc in almost every
subpackage, and I'm not sure they are aware of the consequences.

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