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Re: dependency errors while upgrading from F10 to Rawhide (F11)

On Tue, 26 May 2009 10:39:27 +0200, Uwe wrote:

> I checked the ability to upgrade from F10 to F11 (Rawhide) directly
> using yum. A couple of weeks ago, there were dependency errors with
> python. These errors are not fixed until now.

Nobody has posted the results of one of the upgradepathcheck scripts
for a long time. :(

> In my point of view, this issue should be fixed until GA of Leonidas.

What set of repositories did you use when enabling updates-testing?
In your quote I see lots of references to F10 updates-testing, but
did you also enable F11 updates and F11 updates-testing?

[Upgrading from an up-to-date F10 to F11 Rawhide is bound to fail.
Not only because of packaging bugs (F10 packages having a higher
EVR than F11 packages), but also because there is a growing number
of updates and test-updates for F11 already.]

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