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Re: dependency errors while upgrading from F10 to Rawhide (F11)

On Tue, 26 May 2009 11:17:29 +0200, Uwe wrote:

> > What set of repositories did you use when enabling updates-testing?
> > In your quote I see lots of references to F10 updates-testing, but
> > did you also enable F11 updates and F11 updates-testing?
> I think, yum only enables updates-testing for F10 if I type
> [root alberta ~]# yum --disablerepo=*
> - --enablerepo=rawhide,updates-testing update
> How to enable the other update channels?

With a Yum-based distribution upgrade, you typically perform an upgrade in
two steps. First you update to the right "fedora-release" package, so
variables like $releasever used in your *.repo files expand to '11'
instead of '10'. Then you run a plain "yum update", which automatically
chooses the Fedora 11 repos.

Alternatively, you hardcode the baseurls of the repos you want to upgrade

[And as long as there is no F11 GA repo yet, you need to enable rawhide

> > [Upgrading from an up-to-date F10 to F11 Rawhide is bound to fail.
> > Not only because of packaging bugs (F10 packages having a higher
> > EVR than F11 packages), but also because there is a growing number
> > of updates and test-updates for F11 already.]
> > 
> Does it meen an upgrade fron an Up-to-date F10 to F11 GA will also fail?

With Yum? Yes.

The more packages in F11 Updates, the more likely you need them in order
to replace your F10 Updates, which may be seen as newer than F11 GA. Same
applies to Test Updates.

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